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    February 11, 2023

    I prepared an index of the following work: Abel Bergaigne. Études sur le lexique du Ṛgveda I. Paris: Imprimerie nationale, 1884. Bergaigne intended to publish several volumes, but he only got enough time to complete the first one, which covers the letter a, before his premature disparition in 1888.

    A PDF file of this work can be downloaded here. It comes from Gallica, but is augmented with a table of contents that enumerates all dictionary entries. I also labeled page numbers.

    The index is available as a CSV file, which is encoded in UTF-8 and normalized to NFC. You can download it here. Here is the meaning of each column:

    # Name Explanation
    0 entry Entry number. Terms that are defined together have the same entry number and appear consecutively, in their order of appearance within the book. See e.g. how the entry “akṣara, akṣarā” on p. 7 is encoded.
    1 term Entry term, in IAST notation. Vedic accents are preserved. Homonyms are distinguished by an index number, like in the book. See e.g. how the two occurrences of ámatra on p. 126 are encoded. Bergaigne uses the same index numbers as Grassman in his Wörterbuch zum Ṛgveda. Two terms only have a single definition in the book but still bear an index number: ajá on p. 13 and as on p. 231.
    2 page Page number. A positive integer. To be more accurate, this is the number of the page on which the term appears, if an entry spans several pages.